About us...

We'll be the first to admit that we're a little different—but in a good way. Based in Orange County, California, we draw inspiration from the sun, the sand, and the sea. Some of us moonlight as musicians, novelists, sculptors, documentary film makers, and painters—and we all love dogs! We do what we do because, above all else, we cherish the creative process and want our clients to enjoy it too. While we pride ourselves on our expertise and the quality of our work, we also believe that fun and professionalism are not mutually exclusive. We may keep our eyes on the details and our nose to the grindstone, but we also wear smiles while we're at it.

Although we call Southern California home, we work with clients from all over. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some very successful and unique companies—and we'd love to work with yours!

Capabilities + Services

Branding—Brand Naming, Voice + Messaging; Brand Story Development + Integration; Identity Design, Visual Systems + Guide

Advertising + Awareness Campaigns
Website Design + Content Development + Implementation
Social Content + Management
Photography, Illustration + Art Direction

A bit more about us:

Nicola Augustson Chief Creative Director
Clear Thinking Made Visual. With over 17 years of industry experience backed by a lifelong love of art and design, Nicola believes that design should be engaging, beautiful, informative, organized, and clean—with a little room for wit and humor. She has developed identity and brand systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, advertising campaigns, packaging, and publication designs for a wide range of clients in healthcare, non-profit, for-profit, and editorial design. She believes in the healing, transformative potential of creativity, sharing her art practice with kids through a local organization in her free time. She also loves dogs, sculpture and painting, and life in the beach town of San Clemente, California.

Sterling Leva Chief Copywriter
Copy That Can’t Be Copied. Since 2009, Sterling has helped clients find their voice, craft their narrative, and connect with their audience. He believes that good copywriting is no different from good storytelling: it calls for equal measures creativity, care, and composition, and he applies these principles to every project. Sterling holds degrees in English and German from U.C. Berkeley, and his work has been featured everywhere from magazines to billboards. He has also won several national and state awards in writing and editing. When he’s not composing, he enjoys taking long drives in his Cadillac Deville to old film soundtracks and tending to his clown collection (arguably the largest in Southern California). 

Gary Moss Photographer/Storyteller
In Every Picture A Story. Photographer, educator, mentor, and all-around funny guy, Gary captures the authenticity of his subjects in a way that is stylized yet unpretentious. Gary’s photography encompasses a wide array of disciplines, from food to people to places, and his work has been featured in many national publications and ad campaigns. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and capturing images of the everyday with his camera. 

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Got a creative project? Need help sharing your message? Want a psychic reading? Ok, maybe we can't help you with the last one, but for everything else, please email us at nicola@augustds.com, call us at 949-481-1908, or send a note directly via the form below. 
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